Organize and Give… it feels good.

Prompted by a discussion focused on “how much do we really need?” and a plethora of mailers from charities listing the needs of the people served, I decided to organize.

The piles of dresses, coats and shoes on my dining room table grew with every closet tackled. There are so many benefits to organizing. Obviously, you get more room in the closets and drawers, but it’s what it does to your psyche that I appreciate most. It reduces stress. It makes life simpler; fewer choices, and less frustration about “stuff everywhere”. If you know me, you know I do digital detoxes to regain my focus. Clearing out the clutter helps me refocus too.

The options for giving are limitless. I love giving to Career Wardrobe, hoping a dress of mine can help someone look their best for an interview or for a new job. I donated piles to Society of St. Vincent de Paul because I believe in their mission. Who knew but jeans can be turned into insulation – I dropped off two pair to Madewell for their project (and got a discount for my next purchase). An easy drop off was the bags to GreenDrop. (Full disclosure: I did take some items to Green Street Stores.)

There’s just so much need and so many organizations make it really easy. And really, “How much do we really need?”


Multiple drop off locations.
2 locations – 2233 Frankford Ave. and 1125 S. Broad St.



Gently used and new children’s books
Donation of books and/or materials may be delivered to The Book Corner, located directly behind the main building at the intersection of N. 20th St. and Wood St.
focus Friday challenge - donatedonate to big brothers and big sisters donations for vietnam veterans donate jeans