“Authentic self”- they’re buzz words today that perhaps people strive for.  They’re the words that come to mind as I think about JB Braun who recently announced he’s leaving Main Line Today as publisher.

He has always (and continues to be) a role model for me in the way he approaches life.  Relationships are important to him, of course in business, but he sees the value beyond the bottom line.  And if you know him or you’ve ever spent even ten minutes with him, you know what it’s like to feel valued by someone for who you are.   He said in his goodbye note that he plans to devote the next chapter in his life to helping others (no surprise) but I would argue that while running a highly successful publication, he has *always* been helping others and effecting positive change.  That’s why “authentic self” comes to mind.   It seems to me that no matter what comes next for JB, he will always be helping others- that’s who he is—his true self.  It’s in his DNA.  I look forward to seeing what his next chapter brings and wish him sincere happiness.  JB- thank you for all you have done for me and for so many.  Our community is much better, healthier and happier because of you.