Always inspired and always reinvigorated.

For years, I have made the Main Line Today’s Women on the Move lunch a “must be a part of” event on my calendar.  The magazine has always been so gracious to include me and it is truly such a blessing to be there every year.  This year was no exception.

First, I need to reiterate something I said to a couple of people at the lunch:

For as many networking events are, this one is different.  This one has such a strong undercurrent of kindness and encouragement that you can practically feel it as you walk through the room.  More than 400 successful women and you feel like if you asked, any of them would help you right there and then.  Every year the magazine manages to find really extraordinary women to honor.  They are women who you may or may not have heard about, but after you hear what they’ve accomplished, what obstacles they’ve faced or what they have done selflessly for their community, you say to yourself “I must know this person.”  It’s also such a pleasure to collectively acknowledge them as they each accept their award.

This year’s keynote speaker was Lynn Yeakel, who honestly I could just sit and listen to for hours.   Trailblaze in so many ways and in so many arenas, she has now founded an organization Vision2020.  The format of a discussion in front of the audience made for a very candid presentation.  I always say, Lynn has her mission of equality imprinted in her DNA, and at the lunch others got to hear that too.  After hearing about Vision2020, I would be shocked if not most of the room gets involved in some way.  And if you haven’t heard about Vision2020.. check out their website and let me know what you think.  This is for all of us yes, but perhaps more importantly, it is for our daughters, our nieces and the women who come after us on this journey.

Congrats to all at Main Line Today on another extraordinary event.  And thanks to the presenting sponsor Main Line Health. Can’t wait to see what happens next year.