No question, Main Line Today’s Woman on the Move luncheon is always a “must-attend” in my book.  It’s the vibe, sparked by the magazine and embraced by the attendees. Hundreds of women grow their networks, grow their businesses and learn from inspiring speakers.

This year I was honored to have a conversation with a woman who I have admired for years: Dr Marisa Weiss.  We both told our personal stories of getting that “You have cancer” call.  But more importantly Dr. Weiss enlightened everyone with the fact that we have within our power– the ability to reduce our chance of getting breast cancer (or having it return).  To me- that’s powerful!  I can make adjustments in my daily life to improve my chances of living a healthy long life- cancer free.  Want specifics?  Check out, founded by Dr Weiss 15 years ago.

One more thought: at this annual event there is almost discussion about the importance of mentoring.  We’re focused on helping young women get ahead in their careers.  May I suggest that we should also be teaching and  modeling a healthy lifestyle…. so that maybe the women who come after us will face few incidents of cancer and other diseases. #40SavesLives