tracy and vai Academy of MusicThere are moments in time, when you look back on an event or time in your life and think… “Wow, that was special, extraordinary.”

It’s even better when you can fully appreciate it AS IT’S HAPPENING, which is exactly what happened to me and Vai last week. In these photos we were doing a shoot, helping to promote an upcoming Broadway Philadelphia season at the Academy of Music. We were on the stage at the Academy of Music, surrounded by the crew and the Kimmel Center, then I leaned over and whispered in Vai’s ear, “Is this really our life? Do we really get paid for this?”

We were on the stage of the oldest opera house in the country, still used for its original purpose – theater. You could feel and almost hear the history throughout the space. We were working with incredible talented producers and photographers. We both love what we do! We love to learn and we love to share information.

Bottom Line: We felt like the luckiest people on the planet. And in that moment, we were present… and grateful.