Are you interested in inviting Tracy Davidson to speak at a conference for women in business? Below are some of the topics Tracy is most passionate about. Each talk is tailored to the specific audience Tracy is speaking to. Tracy is also available for graduations and religious retreats. ​

Be a Rock Star in Front of the Audience

Research shows that 74% of people fear public speaking – some people fear public speaking even more than physical harm. Not only can you overcome that fear, you can excel at public speaking. Whether you’re speaking in front of a board room, at your church, or just to your boss or employees, Tracy can show you how to gain confidence through preparation, and give you the tools you’ll need to fearlessly improvise with your audience. Tracy digs deep so you can erase the preconceptions that are holding you back, and gives you practical advice for immediately polishing your presentations, so you’ll be as confident as you deserve to be in front of any audience.

Focus Your Attention, Focus Your Life

Is your daily life spinning out of control? Are you struggling to keep up with the nonstop barrage of information that assaults you from your TV, phone, laptop, and work computer? Technology accelerates so fast most of us don’t have a moment to sit back and reflect on whether this new paradigm is actually helping our lives, or just making it go by more quickly. Learning to focus your attention can help you lead the life you deserve to live, and give you more meaning in your relationships. Tracy can help you regain control of what’s really important to you, and show you how to retrain your brain so you can enjoy the real wealth of life – time, and relationships.

It’s All You

This talk is aimed at women audiences. Tracy’s unique life experience and the path she took to achieve her success give her a special insight into what women face as they move up the professional ladder. Too many career women have self-defeating mindsets that their male colleagues do not have: women don’t have to be ashamed of their talents or their ambition. Tracy will empower you to build enough confidence to feel you deserve a seat at the table, and show you how to develop personal and professional connections, all while helping out other women.

If you are interested in booking Tracy Davidson for a speaking engagement, contact us here.