2407, 2017

“Authentic Self” – JB Braun

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“Authentic self”- they’re buzz words today that perhaps people strive for.  They’re the words that come to mind as I think about JB Braun who recently announced he’s leaving Main Line Today as publisher.

He has always (and continues to be) a role model for me in the way he approaches life.  Relationships are important to […]

507, 2017

WaWa Welcome America 2017

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Another successful Independence Day is in the books with WaWa Welcome America! What was your favorite activity this past week?

‘Amazing Grace’: Family Members of Slain Teen Bianca Roberson Perform With Heavy Hearts

1001, 2017

Don’t Wait Message – My Two Year Anniversary

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I’m a reporter.  I seek information and I write things down.  So it should come as no surprise that I had purchased a spiral notebook to document what I needed to know after I had discovered a lump in my breast two years ago this month.   It was on January 16th that the call came. It […]

111, 2016

Organize and Give Feels So Good

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Organize and Give… it feels good.

Prompted by a discussion focused on “how much do we really need?” and a plethora of mailers from charities listing the needs of the people served, I decided to organize.

The piles of dresses, coats and shoes on my dining room table grew with every closet tackled. There are so many […]

2110, 2016

Main Line Today 2016

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Always inspired and always reinvigorated.
For years, I have made the Main Line Today’s Women on the Move lunch a “must be a part of” event on my calendar.  The magazine has always been so gracious to include me and it is truly such a blessing to be there every year.  This year was no exception.

First, […]

510, 2016

“Step into Greatness” with Network Now

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Today I had the honor of being a keynote speaker at Network Now’s Step Into Greatness Conference. My topic was debunking the myths of greatness and the misconception of what might be holding us back. Here are a few photos of some pretty amazing women that are primed to step into their own greatness.

1109, 2016

Keynoting for WIM 2016

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Looking forward to Saturday, September 24th for the 4th Annual WIM event in Philadelphia. If you are not familiar, WIM is the ‘Women in Media’ Conference. WIM Philly is Encouraging, Equipping, and Empowering women in media, and those who aspire to enter it, to think globally!

This year’s theme is “Women in Media: Crossing Borders”  you […]

1208, 2016

A Guiding Light Among Clouds

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When I saw this one morning last weekend, it took my breath away. My mind was instantly struck with the idea that ‘though clouds may move in and out of our lives, our guiding light is always there.’  Whether it be a spiritual guiding light, as it is for me, or your own guiding inner […]

508, 2016

Urgent, Important, Required – Is it really though?

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It makes me irate to open the mailbox and find envelopes like this:

telling me I *have* to do something, telling me something is *urgent* or required.  Says who?

My frustration I’m sure goes back to my consumer reporting days when some of these border on misleading… with lead in text on the envelope *your auto-loan* or […]

2607, 2016

DNC in Philadelphia with the NBC 10 Team

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It has been a true honor to be able to cover both the RNC (Republican National Convention) and DNC (Democratic National Convention) for the historic 2016 election year. We (NBC10) were on location for both events – giving our NBC Philadelphia viewers a chance to see and hear the news from both events with fairness […]